Virtualisation Management

The rapid growth and adoption of server virtualisation technologies has transformed how companies manage their IT infrastructures. Deploying new production servers and setting up test and development environments is now done with a few mouse clicks.


Expansion of virtual infrastructures

However, the ease of creating and provisioning new virtual machines (VMs) can create another set of problems. Without the right level of capacity planning, monitoring and management, these new VMs can take up valuable computing resources within your data centre and server rooms.


VM sprawl

The uncontrolled growth of VMs – called VM sprawl – can degrade the remaining processing power from servers. VM sprawl can severely impact the performance of other VMs, cause unexpected performance issues and interfere with the failover of VMs from other servers.

It’s essential that IT Management are proactive in preventing VM sprawl and other related issues as they emerge.


Monitoring, management and reporting

As a VMware Enterprise Partner and Veeam Gold Partner, we have a detailed understanding of key technologies that help IT management with performance monitoring, pre-defined alerts, granular reporting and capacity planning of their virtual estates.


VMware vRealize Operations

This is designed for VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, Amazon and physical hardware to dramatically simplify and automate operations management.


Veeam ONE

This integrates Veeam Monitor, Reporter and Business View into a single solution for VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments.


Virtualisation assessment service

We increasingly find that we talk to clients who are ready to take their virtualisation strategy to the next level. They’ve consolidated their physical server estate and have virtualised the majority of their core business applications. But they’re rapidly adding new VMs, are constantly responding to business demands for new applications and services and are trying to manage and monitor a virtual environment that has grown significantly in a short space of time.

These organisations want to strategically plan their virtualisation footprint, ensure that VMs and their applications meet their appropriate service levels, prevent bottlenecks and optimise performance.

System Professional can help with a thorough virtualisation assessment service – this will assess your current virtual estate, the licensing model in place, the configuration of your hosts and the ongoing management of multiple VMs across your environment.


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