Load Balancing

What is Load Balancing?

Server Load Balancing allows you to intelligently and efficiently distribute network traffic among web and application servers to ensure that you achieve the best network and infrastructure performance.


System Professional Approach

System Professional offers a Load Balancing Technical Workshop to assess your network infrastructure, business critical applications and availability requirements. We provide full installation, training and ongoing support services for all KEMP LoadMaster and VLM deployments.


Why KEMP Load Balancers?

Following a thorough market analysis, System Professional found that KEMP Technologies LoadMaster load balancers provided the #1 Price and Performance solution for the SMB marketplace.

The KEMP load balancers are available as both a physical, hardware device (LoadMaster range) and a ‘virtual appliance’ software (VLM range) version.

Dependent on your specific application requirements, throughput needs, performance demands, SSL Transactions Per/Second (TPS), Requests per second (HTTP) and number of concurrent connections, System Professional work with you to select the most appropriate product for your needs.


What functionality will a KEMP Loadmaster Load Balancer provide?

  1. Layers 4-7 Load Balancing
  2. Content Switching
  3. Server Persistence
  4. SSL Offload/Acceleration
  5. Windows Terminal Services load balancing and persistence with Session Directory integration
  6. Application Front-end (Caching, Compression and IPS security)
  7. Industry leading price/performance value



Why does your business need a load balancing solution?

For any organisation looking to optimise application performance, accelerate user access to network resources and increase a customer’s web experience, KEMP load balancers can help your business address these challenges.


Vertical Solutions

KEMP’s Load Balancer solutions have been successfully deployed across leading Central and Local Government, General Commercial, Education (including UK Universities, FE/HE Colleges, Secondary Schools and Academies), Healthcare and Hospitals, E-commerce, Service Providers and Hosting companies.


Common Application Solutions

Our experienced IT consultants work with you to load balance the following key systems and web services:

  • Your website
  • Infrastructure services including DNS and LDAP
  • Forefont TMG replacement
  • Internet web apps and e-commerce
  • Desktop virtualisation and VDI environments (VMware and Citrix)



KEMP and Microsoft

As a Microsoft-approved solution, KEMP’s LoadMaster is designed to provide high availability and application traffic acceleration for key platforms such as Exchange, Skype for Business (formerly Lync), SharePoint, ADFS, IIS, Dynamics and RDS (Remote Desktop Services).

With skilled KEMP and Microsoft technical consultants, System Professional can help across a wide variety of user cases and Microsoft stack requirements.


KEMPCentre Partner Status

System Professional has achieved prestigious KEMPCentre reseller status – the highest level of partner accreditation available. This reflects our experience in the Load Balancing and Application Delivery Controller (ADC) marketplace, as well as the high levels of pre- and post-sales technical support we provide to our customers.


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