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Benefits of Desktop Virtualisation (VDI)

The benefits of these solutions can be huge, but there are many factors that can affect the success of a desktop transformation project. There are many entangled decisions that can influence the creation of a business case and each of these need to be understood and resolved.

System Professional have developed a consultancy methodology to assist organisations understand if desktop virtualisation is right for them. Our VDI assessment service helps businesses to understand what benefits could be gained through the use of desktop virtualisation, application virtualisation and user virtualisation.



Our consultancy services help organisations that are reviewing their end user computing strategy to understand the key components of a successful implementation. We engage with your stakeholders from the outset of a desktop design to ensure that the chosen technologies are fit for purpose and meet the requirements for user productivity, mobility and IT control.

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Our assessment service covers 4 main areas to facilitate the creation of an end to end business plan for End User Computing.

The consultancy exercise covers:

We conduct a complete analysis of your user base to understand what functionality each group of users need to maximise productivity in their job role. This User Segmentation exercise ensures that the future strategy is going to support users in their desire to work in the way that best suits them.
We understand that the application is the most important part of the end users interaction with IT systems. Our Desktop Virtualisation Assessment service ensures that your users are able to use your business applications on the most appropriate device, from the most appropriate locations.
We help our customers understand the existing procedures that need to be maintained, and to design new working practices for users and IT to provide a future-ready EUC platform.
We use industry leading assessment tools to analyse your existing desktop environment and back end infrastructure to design a platform that is high performing and resilient.

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