Cloud Hosting

Take advantage of what our Cloud Hosting service can provide – delivered and supported with a human touch.

Why System Professional Cloud Hosting?

When you’re planning on transitioning some of your IT resources into the cloud, you need a professional and reliable partner to support you. Our customers trust us to help them with their first steps towards a new cloud hosting model. Let us help you move to the cloud.

  1. Industry leading data centre and hardware
  2. The expertise required to plan, design and migrate
  3. On hand, experienced support whenever you need


Our cloud hosting platform is built on industry leading infrastructure, delivered via two geographically dispersed data centre locations in the south of England (both outside London / M25). We provide replication of your data from our Primary to Secondary site as standard, ensuring automatic failover and Disaster Recover (DR). That means if disaster ever strikes, you’ll be back online as quickly as possible.


System Professional offer a range of cloud hosting services to our customers – from the hosting of some key applications to the entire IT infrastructure (IaaS). Some common examples of key applications include:

  1. Microsoft Exchange – Email, webmail and calendar
  2. Websites – Public and Intranet
  3. Finance applications
  4. Human Resources applications
  5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


If you need cost-effective disaster recovery, we provide this as a service as with off site online backups.

What to consider with cloud?

Moving to the cloud from a traditional on-premise IT infrastructure presents obvious benefits in terms of minimised cap-ex investment, predictable monthly IT operational costs and reduced support / maintenance overheads, but there are still major considerations.

  1. How will you plan, design and migrate your IT systems to a new hosted platform?
  2. Do you have the skills and technical understanding to handle this internally?
  3. What IT equipment do you still need to retain on site?
  4. Will your current comms / internet connectivity even allow you to take advantage of a cloud hosting service?
  5. What does this change mean to your IT staff and team members?
  6. How can they deliver more strategic value to your business by moving away from day to day management of IT equipment?
  7. Would you benefit from an experienced, consultative approach to discuss these options?


As a business, System Professional has been trading for over 11 years. We have a wealth of experience in understanding the changing shifts and dynamics of the IT industry, the impact that these changes have on our customers and the opportunities they present to do things differently – not change for the sake of it, but to deliver real, tangible business benefits.

The Human Touch

Every cloud service we provide involves a member of the System Professional technical team consulting, advising and helping you every step of the way – we can provide as much (or as little!) assistance as you need, ensuring we get the right result for you and your business.

Customer Demand

The growth of our cloud hosting platform has been driven by our customers – as their existing IT infrastructure becomes end of life and in need of review or refresh, they are approaching us to explain and deliver the benefits of the cloud hosting model. In fact, the vast majority of current client requests are asking us to help present alternate options for their future IT business planning – an upgrade to their existing on premise IT infrastructure compared to a new cloud hosting model.

Transparent, Facts-based approach

Moving to the Cloud isn’t always the right option for every business, application or IT team – and we will tell you. Sometimes the benefits are blindingly obvious – and we will tell you. We’re not biased or focussed on one part of our business at the expense of another – we will give you an honest appraisal of what we genuinely think is the right path for you to take.


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