Backup & DR

Business continuity is becoming more and more crucial: business-critical IT systems, data growth and increased awareness of disaster recovery (DR) scenarios have made a comprehensive backup strategy essential.

How we can help

Security is integral to everything we do, and our cloud hosting focus gives excellent DRaaS options and fast access to data back-ups. You get peace of mind that your critical data is securely stored, while our remote backup service gives you complete data availability, alongside support to restore and recover files when needed.

With a hybrid cloud solution, we can spec DR environments with business critical data in private cloud and recovery scenario information safeguarded in the public cloud.

Our backup and DR services focus on systems that are efficient, robust and fully operational at all times, so our customers know their systems can be swiftly restored in the event of a disaster situation, allowing full business continuity.

Off-site data

Store your critical data securely at one of our six offsite data centres. Our DRaaS service includes:

  1. secure backup
  2. annual disaster recovery testing and certification
  3. automate backups as standard


Are you looking to…?

  1. Review your existing tape backup and recovery solution?
  2. Update an old IT DR plan or create one from scratch?
  3. Improve issues with the backup, restore and replication of virtual machines (VMs)?
  4. Make your IT systems more resilient and highly available?
  5. Implement failover to a secondary site or switch DR location?
  6. Use an online service for remote backup?


Agnostic assessment

System Professional’s TechWorkshop methodology provides a structured IT assessment to review what’s in place, pinpoint concerns and clarify your future plans. Our team will provide a detailed overview, including:

  1. Define current IT systems, infrastructure and usage
  2. Review existing IT DR and backup processes
  3. Map key business processes to the current IT infrastructure
  4. Capture detailed IT DR and backup requirements
  5. Identify mission critical applications, single points of failure, sensitive data and other priority elements
  6. Set key performance indicators (Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective)
  7. Recommend appropriate solutions to reduce risk and ensure a more resilient IT infrastructure

Why virtualisation?

Virtualisation offers the opportunity to build in stringent disaster recovery processes without replicating everything, creating a cost-effective, efficient recovery environment. The rise of virtualised environments have increased the flexibility and agility of Disaster Recovery options. You’ll find an array of failover options designed to protect VMs from everything from the loss of a single virtual host to an entire rack of servers.

Talk to one of the System Professional team for unbiased, accessible advice about what’s best for your business.

Test, update and repeat

Testing and updating your backup and DR plans is essential as your business’ needs change. System Professional works with companies to enhance, amend and test their existing backup and DR policies, and can take care of complete backup procedures, so you don’t have to worry. We’re not here just to make sure the solution works, but that staff know exactly what to do in a critical situation.

Why System Professional?

  1. Our security track record. Keeping your data safe, secure and accessible for swift backup in the event of an emergency.
  2. Independent, agnostic advice. Our strengths our based on our customer relationships, and understanding of your business and how it works. Our knowledge of what you do and how you do it means we can advise you on the best solutions for your business.
  3. A track record in projects of every size and scale. Big or small, we have the expertise and experience to create the right solution for you.

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