Backup & DR

With an increasing dependence on business-critical IT systems, the exponential growth in data and heightened awareness of disaster recovery (DR) scenarios, it’s essential that companies have both a defined backup strategy and comprehensive IT DR plan in place.

How can System Professional help?

Here at System Professional, we have a clear focus on IT DR and enabling our customers to backup and restore their key IT systems in the event of a disaster situation.

Our backup and IT DR services focus on the key technology systems that support your core business functions and the underlying need to ensure they are efficient, robust and fully operational at all times.

What are your backup challenges and DR concerns?

  1. Do you need to review your existing tape backup and recovery solution?
  2. Are you looking to update an old IT DR plan or create one from scratch?
  3. Having issues with the backup, restore and replication of virtual machines (VMs)?
  4. You need to make your IT systems more resilient and highly available?
  5. Failover to a secondary site or DR location is a priority?
  6. Looking at remote backup using an online service?

Backup and IT DR assessment

System Professional provides IT specific backup and DR assessment services that help you to review what’s in place, pinpoint concerns and clarify your future plans. We work with you to provide a detailed overview of the following areas;

  1. Define current IT systems, infrastructure and usage
  2. Review existing IT DR and backup processes
  3. Map key business processes to the current IT infrastructure
  4. Capture detailed IT DR and backup requirements
  5. Identify mission critical applications, single points of failure, sensitive data and other priority elements
  6. Set key performance indicators (Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective)
  7. Recommend appropriate solutions to reduce risk and ensure a more resilient IT infrastructure


What is appropriate for your own business and IT budget? While most IT Managers and business owners would like zero data loss and zero downtime, the associated costs can be prohibitive. We work with you to ensure the right level of data protection and DR planning for your organisation.

Benefits of virtualisation – DR for all

Virtualisation technologies have dramatically extended the range of DR options available to large and small businesses alike. There is an array of failover options that exist to protect VMs from the loss of a single virtual host to an entire rack of servers.

Test, update and test again

It is vital to test and update your backup and DR plans as the business needs change, staff move on and the core IT infrastructure is upgraded. We work with companies who want to enhance, amend and test their existing backup and DR policies. From experience, we know that repeated testing doesn’t just ensure that the solution works, but that staff know exactly what to do in a critical situation.

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