System Professional provide a range of technology solutions to help your organisation achieve greater IT operational efficiency, mitigate against risk and increase system availability.

We understand the need for technology to meet the ever evolving needs of our clients and focus on delivering solutions that address your unique IT challenges, your business issues and your technology problems.

Trusted advisor status

As a consultancy led business, we have a great technical team who are highly skilled, approachable, highly accredited and experienced in designing the right solution fit for your organisation.

We will always be honest about when we have the skills to help, but also when a request is out of our comfort zone. But even then we will try to help you by recommending a specialist in our partner network – from network cabling and data centre design and build, through to Microsoft SharePoint.

Extensive customer references

Since 2003, we have built long-standing relationships with clients who see us as their trusted partner and value our advice, technical knowledge and delivery ability. Don’t take our word for it – read the testimonials from The Royal Albert Hall, Filofax, Moneyweek, City of Westminster College and Sequel Business Solutions.

If you want to find out how we’ve helped a customer successfully migrate to the cloud – talk to Grace Eyre. Considering an Exchange to Office 365 for thousands of mailboxes? Speak to Writtle College. Evaluating a Global Domain project? Find out how we helped SEGA Europe.

The right recommendation for you

Here at System Professional, we understand that every business is different – so the technology solutions we propose are not ‘cookie cutter’ menu options, but a bespoke solution design that passes a rigorous technical validation and internal sign-off process.

We assess your organisation in detail – what you have, what you need, the budget available – and work with you to propose the right solution.

Highest vendor accreditations

We pay constant attention to the ever-changing IT industry and the technologies that will make a difference to our customers. Our technical team take pride in their advanced technical accreditations, but also have a wealth of hands-on, practical experience as well.

As a business, we are always trying to keep a balance between achieving (and maintaining) expertise with our existing vendor partners and keeping a look out for the new and emerging technologies that will provide a competitive edge to our clients.

Technology agnostic

Whilst our vendor partners are key, we will always ensure that the technology recommendations we put forward are the right fit for your organisation. If Office 365 is right for your company, we will tell you. If maintaining Exchange onsite is right for your company – we will tell you. If a hybrid solution is best – we will explain the reasons why.

It’s about mapping the right technology fit to your business – not imposing what we are pressured to sell by a vendor or commercial incentive.

Design, build and delivery

The technology solutions we provide are built to strict architectural standards – we ensure that they are designed, built and installed to a strict delivery methodology.

This should give you confidence that we are the right partner to choose for the most complex and challenging of IT projects.

Ultimately, the range of solutions we deliver will help to make your company more flexible, more agile and more efficient.

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