Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

System Professional can help you provide a reliable and rapid means of recovering from an IT Disaster at your production site and allow you to meet your compliance and governance requirements for backup and DR.

By utilising our flexible, bespoke Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering, we give businesses a cost effective means of replicating their critical IT systems to an enterprise class secondary location.

Why use the Cloud for DR?

Traditionally businesses would have to invest in expensive, duplicate hardware that is located at a secondary site or rely on a DR provider’s "cold" location. Whilst there are many technologies that will allow organisations to replicate their physical and virtual infrastructure to another location, these solutions rely on the business making an investment in hardware which will depreciate over time and does not add value to the bottom line of the Company.

System Professional's model is different and because it is cloud based you only pay for what you use. Infrastructure replicated to our data centre is left in a powered off state meaning that our customers do not face significant bills for compute resources. This approach has saved many of our customers a large proportion of their previous DR budget, allowing re-investment in projects that add genuine value to the business operations.

What makes our approach different?

  • Replicated DR provision (pay as you go storage)
  • Only pay (compute resource) for DR invocation
  • Invoke DR on single server(s) or entire site in minutes
  • Secure access to DR environment on-demand
  • Annual DR testing & certification included
  • Secure VPN & Firewall included
  • Supported bandwidth up to 1Gbps / 30TB per month transit
  • Utilising industry leading tools such as Veeam, Doubletake or Platespin

Because System Professional are a leading services organisation, we’ll help you from the design of your DR solution, including architecting the best way of meeting RPO and RTOs for all your core services, right through to implementation and on-going support. We operate 24x7 giving you the confidence that whenever your business faces IT outage, we can respond quickly, with the technical expertise to ensure that the impact on your users is minimised.

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