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Sometimes, the promises made by cloud storage providers (CSP) seem too good to be true. Or perhaps your legacy system has been in place for so long that migrating to the cloud seems incredibly difficult. We often accept what other people say without testing the merits of their claims. In this post, we’ll examine a few common cloud hosting myths about cloud storage and security, and see why they’re so commonly believed.


  1.  “I don’t have to worry about compliance for my data stored in the cloud.”



Unfortunately, 80% of respondents in a recent study agreed with this statement. Because of the shifting legislation and huge volumes of data that many organisations handle, compliance can be overwhelming to understand. Managing your data, whether it’s stored locally or stored out-of-the-country, involves thorough understanding of regulations and careful attention to detail. Especially with the GDPR regulations coming into effect in 2018, it is more important than ever to safely store and process your customer data. Many businesses assume that their cloud storage solutions will automatically guarantee compliance, and skip the necessary steps to take ownership of the data they store and process.

Thankfully, compliance does become so much easier to navigate when you work with certified CSPs. Public, private and hybrid clouds are all able to meet the strictest data compliance regulations—if you’re diligent about finding a solution that meets or exceeds the standards for your industry. Businesses must remember that they are ultimately responsible for all the data they own, and should be proactive rather than reactive to any changes in data regulations.


  1.  “The transition from on-site IT systems to cloud-based storage is just too much organisational work.”



In the same survey cited above, respondents listed the “limitations of their legacy technology” (36%) and the “complexity of migration” (37%) as top reasons why they were hesitant to transition to cloud-based storage and cloud hosting. Migration to the cloud is a complex process, but with a CSP who supports you from diagnosis to implementation, the entire project becomes simple.

At System Professional, we have a proven history of smooth transitions and data migration for companies with complicated systems.
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  1. “My traditional data centre’s security is stronger than the cloud.”


As more and more businesses adopt cloud hosting, the cloud has become more and more secure to meet the strictest security standards. In fact, the cost to replicate the security of most cloud provider’s physical infrastructure would be prohibitive for most small and medium-sized businesses.

Many of the recent publicised cyber security breaches (like that of Equifax) have been attacks of on-premise, legacy corporate systems, not the cloud. In fact, cloud providers can be more proactive about security patches and updates to their physical infrastructure than an in-house IT team with divided attentions. It is important to be vigilant about the security of your virtual systems and take ownership of your cloud-hosted infrastructure, but you can have confidence in the reliable security of the cloud as technology continues to advance even further.



At System Professional, we’re committed to clearing up myths about the cloud so that more and more businesses have access to its power and potential.
We offer managed services, so we can host your systems and help you test your security and implement new procedures to protect your business. Whether you face a complicated legacy system, a large-scale migration, or the strictest data security standards, we can connect you to a creative and powerful solution to help.


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