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Consumers are more aware than ever of the risks they face in sharing personal data online. As GDPR deadlines approach, your customers may be more likely to contact you asking for their PII (personally identifiable information), or inquiring about your data protection policies. Keeping their sensitive data safe is the foundation of a trusting business relationship; offering unmatched protection against cyber-crime, data loss, and system failures will help you to stand out from the crowd to potential clients.

Here are 5 steps you can take to protect your client data, and how System Professional can help:
  1. Invest in Better Backup

Traditional backups to on-site hardware are becoming less and less reliable, especially if they replicate infrequently—like at the end of each business day. Investment into a comprehensive DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) gives you 24/7/365 access to a secure cloud-based environment where your sensitive client data is safe. DRaaS offers incredibly fast recovery time and massive storage capabilities—so your clients never need to worry about their personal information being lost in a disaster situation.

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  1. Limit Access to Sensitive Data

Consider an audit of your organisation to assess who has access to the most important databases and sensitive client information. If the answer is everyone, or almost everyone, then it is time to re-evaluate, and limit access to a need-to-know basis. This simple step could massively reduce the chances of client data being stolen or distributed.


  1. Educate Your Team 

Human error is a surprisingly simple piece of this puzzle. Increase awareness by reminding your team about the important role they play in maintaining best practices. The personal data that your organisation holds is incredibly valuable to cyber criminals—and they are always scheming new ways to steal it.

Make sure that your team can spot the tell-tale signs of an email scam, and are diligent about updating the antivirus and security software on their devices in the workplace.

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  1. Update Your Systems

Take every opportunity to install upgrades and pay attention to security and firewall patches. The best security and antivirus software is ineffective if it is not up-to-date. After educating your team on an individual level, re-assess the health of your IT security as an organisation, and consider cloud hosting in secure environments so you clients can have full confidence in how you store their data.


  1. Find the Best Hosting Partners

Choosing a managed cloud hosting partner is one of the best ways to promise security to your clients. Cloud hosting in public, private or hybrid environments is powerful and safe. You can avoid the costly investments into hardware when you host your IT systems through an expert cloud partner. At System Professional, we have years of experience combined with a laser-focus on security. We’re cloud agnostic, so we always connect you to the most powerful solution for your specific needs—nothing less.

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With careful thought and a few proactive steps, you can reassure your clients that their sensitive data is safe in your hands. Are you doing enough to protect their data? If not, contact us to speak with our team about taking some of these simple steps today.
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